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My name is Taka, and I'm a Ramen Master. My wife's name is Chiga, and she's a certified Japanese Chef. We hail from Tokyo, Japan, and are proud to bring our authentic Japanese Ramen and other dishes to our local community.


Our Ramen Broth is made using pork bones and boiled for over 16 hours to achieve a rich, flavorful taste. We don't use any MSG in our broth. Additionally, our noodles are carefully selected Temomi Noodles. They are slightly thicker noodles that have been hand-massaged, and they pair perfectly with our all-natural pork bone broth.


Chef Chiga designs our Bento boxes, focusing not only on nutrition and taste, but also on aesthetics. When our customers receive their food, we want them to experience more than just a meal; we want them to feel an emotional connection with their food.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible experience and to create a happy workplace for our employees. Thank you, and arigatou!

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